Try our wholewheat and Khorasan doughs with no added yeast

Gruppo Ethos, sensible to the themes of healty nutrition and with a specific attention to everyone who suffers from food allergies or intolerances, introduces an interesting news regarding one of the most loved dishes in Italy: the PIZZA WITHOUT YEAST.

In all our restaurants you can taste two varieties of doughs without added yeast: wholewheat one and Khorasan wheat one.

The pizza made with wholewheat dough is rustic and healty, also rich in fibers, vitamines and mineral salts.

Khorasan pizza is a product with ancient roots, with a rich flavor, become famous thanks to the KAMUT® trade mark. It stands out for its nutritional qualities and richness in mineral salts

The taste is great as always, but the pizza will result much more digestible.

For all those who prefer the taste of the tradition and the flavor of Naples, our Classic dough with organic “0” type flour and our Partenopeo dough, with half wholewheat flour and starter yeast are the best.

And now: you just have to choose among our 4 doughs and match them with your favorite mix of ingredients!