Environment-friendly Restaurant

The social responsibility of a company (RSI, in Italian) it’s a choice that a company voluntarily can opt for, in order to make its work more clear and transparent, from the relationship with its own staff to the contacts with clients and suppliers. These choices include all the basic steps to get a more respectful and useful way to work regarding people and environment.

Gruppo Ethos has been operating with this focus for some time now, creating challenges, actions and missions aimed to get a sustainable growth of both planet and society.
For some years now Gruppo Ethos has been following Legambiente tourism “Ecolabel” and focuses on how to promote simple but functional actions to reduce the impact on the environment and promote the comfort of our clients.



  • PAPER Usage of recycled and/or ecologic paper for the office
  • CONCENTRATED PACKAGING Usage of concentrated packaging of detergents, with recharging system
  • CLIENTS’ GARBAGE Usage of air hand-driers in the bathrooms and promoting the absence of the paper towels
  • COMPANY’S GARBAGE Division of the garbage according to the sections (organic, glass&plastic, cans, metal, paper) as indicated by the specific service company
  • EXAUSTHED OILS Collection and elimination of exhausted oils


  • FLOW REDUCTION Installation of flow reducers on every sink for internal and public usage, taps with photocells and with pedals for public usage.
    Reduction of water quantity in the pools of the toilets for both internal and public usage
  • SENSIBILISATION Sensibilisation of the staff using meetings and written communications on signs and similar supports about the right use of the water
  • CLEANING Use of Ecolabel products


  • In order to SAVE ENERGY, Ethos Group utilises:
    • Low impact lamps of A class
    • Time – regulated lights where the staff stops only occasionally (cells, storage rooms, garbage rooms, staff toilets, changing rooms)
    • Time-scheduled lights used in the parking lot and for the signs
    • Low-impact boilers working with condensation
    • New “Hot Water System” from Mitsubishi Electric in our Grani & Braci restaurant, made to heat up or cool down the rooms. This system re-uses the energy previously utilized by the air conditioner and converts it into hot water for both bathrooms and heating systems, without producing CO2.
    • Gruppo Ethos has contracts with assistance companies who periodically check this system and also boilers and air conditioners..
  • RECYCLED PAPER Paper used for internal notes and copies is recycled


  • IMBROCCHIAMOLA Subscription of Legambiente’s ‘’imbrocchiamola’’ campaign for the use of “major’s water’’
  • ORGANIC FOOD Extremely rich offer of organic products in our menu: juices, pizzas, flours, meats, wine, oil
  • MOTHER YEAST Bread and pizzas with mother yeast
  • NO OGM Use of products that are not genetically modified (No OGM)


  • TYPICAL DISHES Typical dishes of our local tradition always present in our menu, using “km 0”products


  • TRAILS PROMOTION Promotion and informations about trails, cycling routes and naturalistic tracks


  • BIKES Placing of bike racks outside the restaurants


  • RULES Respect silence times as indicated by council rules


  • EVENTS PROMOTION Promotion of local cultural and environmental events through expositions, advertisements on the house organ Assaporando and our websites


  • EXPOSITION OF LEGAMBIENTE TOURISM MATERIAL Exposition and distribution of material to inform the customers, contained in the subscription pack sent by Legambiente Tourism and added to eventual other flyers made by the company itself
  • NOTE Communication through our media of all the eco-friendly activities, using house organ Assaporando, monthly newsletter sent with email and websites