Gruppo Ethos

Restaurants always driven by ethic and passion

“Gruppo Ethos pizzerias, steakhouses and restaurants were born with the Sanmauro restaurant in 1988. After other business experiences in the food branch, Gruppo Ethos is now a well estabilished company, with many successful customer-oriented restaurants around Italy“.
For them, the key aspects are the strong orientation towards customer’s satisfaction and the search for the quality in every area.

Ethic and passion have always been the core of Gruppo Ethos’ activity and this led – together with the restaurant activity – to the desire of promotingthe nutritional education of people.
This included the insertion in our menu of well balanced fresh dishes, particularly designed for all those who suffer from nutritional diseases.
Nutritional education projects and conferences with doctors, nutritionists and experts are also part of the “company’s vision”.

Ethos Group also works in the direction of the environmental sustainability: it has been awarded two times with the prize of Legambiente Tourism in this specific area.

High standards won’t be anymore exclusively for a limited part of customers: Gruppo Ethos Restaurants are suitable for everyone, thanks to the different prices of our dishes and to their variety, that allows to satisfy wide sections of people.