Bio bruschetta  € 5,50
Organic wholemeal toasted “bruschetta” with tomatoes

Bio bruschetta € 5,50
Organic toasted “bruschetta” with tomatoes

Crostone di pane integrale  € 8
Wholewheat bread crouton with Buffalo milk mozzarella cheese, baked aubergine and diced fresh tomato with garlic flavor


Polpo, patate e totani saltati  € 13
Rosemary pan-fried octopus, potatoes and squids served on a chickpea cream *

Sformatino di zucca  € 12,50
Pumpkin flan on a Gorgonzola cheese fondue, probiotic blueberries, buckwheat shortcrust crumbs and almonds

Tartelletta salata su vellutata al curry  € 12
Salted puff pastry stuffed with beet carpaccio cut, apple and speck on a curry flavoured cream

Baciotto salato  € 13
Shortcrust stuffed with mascarpone e Gorgonzola cheese, on radicchio salad, walnuts, spinach, mushrooms, pomegranate, probiotic celery, and kefir milk

Crema di zucca e castagne  € 12,50
Pumpkin and chestnut cream with Pecorino Romano cheese, pepper, thyme, fried bread croutons and crispy pumpkin

Cold cuts and cheeses

Prosciutto crudo di Parma 20 mesi, burrata con latte di Bufala e melone  € 13
Parma raw ham 20 months, melon and burrata from buffalo milk

Salumi biologici e artigianali d’eccellenza  € 14
Tasting of local organic cured meats, made with natural method without adding nitrites, nitrates, preservatives and anti-oxidants, accompanied by wholewheat bread crust :
Filzetta salami (slightly spicy local salami, traditional of Bergamo area),
slinzega of pure Italian pork flavored with citrus fruits (refined ham, lean and tasty),
rolled and tied by hand bacon
lard with herbs, result of a long and natural seasoning process

Duetto di prosciutto crudo di alta norcineria e lardo di Pata Negra  € 13
Raw ham from made in Norcia from skilful artisan processing and “Pata Negra” lard with fried dumplings

Verticale di formaggi con accompagnamento dello chef  € 16
Tasting selection of our cheeses
Formaggio Occhiato
from cow’s milk, 60 days aged. It is produced in Valchiavenna.
Pecorino DOP toscano handcrafted in Tuscany from sheep’s milk. 30 days aged
Salva Cremasco DOP from raw cow’s milk
Quader de cavra produced with pure goat milk. 35 days aged
Blu di Bufala: Blue-cheese produced 100% with buffalo milk

* Some ingredients could be fresh or frozen depending on availability of market