Bottled Beers

Birra Libera bottled

BELLA BIONDA Kellerbier – Alc. 4,8 % vol.
Birra Libera®’s beautiful blonde beer: golden and opalescent colour, it has a persistent and plentiful creamy foam. The fragrance is dominated by some nice honey scents as well as bread crust and fine herbs flavors. Once in the mouth the taste is sweet and recalls aromas from acacia honey. The trip to the bitter is slow, and higly enjoyable. The carbonation is correct, with a beautiful perlage in the glass.
Best with: fresh cow and goat cheeses, pizzas and focaccia breads, desserts like apple strudel, fruit pies or with shortcrust pastry.

Ingredients: water, barley malt, hop and yeast

50 cl  € 6

GRAMIGNA Weiss – Alc. 5,2 % vol.
Made with barley malt mixed to wheat, it’s a weiss that stands out because of its fruity flavor and for its light creaminess, with banana and cloves scents. It’s a high fermentation beer, made using Bavarian cereals.
Best with: appetizers, first courses, salads, cold cuts, white or pork meat; very good also combined with fruit or desserts based on fruits.

Ingredients: water, barley malt, wheat malt, hop and yeast

50 cl  € 7

DAISY DUKE American Pale Ale – Alc. 5 % vol.
With a vivacious smell, characterised by a seductive bright orange colour… it’s hard to stand up to the Daisy Duke! It is characterised also by notes of country flowers and esotic fruit. The pretty high level of bitterness is balanced by the citrus scents, creating a good balance between smell and taste.
Best with: simple and straightforward dishes, like herbs cheeses, soups and grilled vegetables.

Ingredients: water, barley malt, hop and yeast

50 cl  € 7

CANAPA LIBERA Saison – Alc. 5,8 % vol.
Clear beer of Belgian inspiration. The esters created by the yeast action during the fermentation process define a strong taste and fruity flavor.
The hemp flour helps to highlight the creamy foam, leaving a light spicy flavor.
Best with: fresh cow and goat cheeses, cold cuts, pizzas and focaccia breads, white meat or pork meat.

Ingredients: water, barley malt, oat malt, hemp flour, hops, yeast

50 cl  € 7

GIUBIANA Barley Wine – Alc. 11 % vol.
A niche beer, with an important alcohol content, skilfully aged in French oak barrels after five years of aging with virgin Marsala and processed by the most expert of the Sicilian barrel masters.
This intense barley wine is to taste with cheeses or desserts, preferably dried, to be able to find the classic tamarind and apricot typical of Marsala.

Ingredients: water, barley malt, hops, yeast

33 cl  € 11

Alcohol-free beers

CLAUSTHALER PREMIUM Lager – Alc. 0,45 % vol.
Clausthaler is the most popular alcohol-free brand in Europe. Brewed in accordance with the German Reinheitsgebot Purity Law from 1516, this beer contains only Water, Barley Malt, Hop Extract. A patented brewhouse process based on this Law, ensures that little fermentable maltose is produced. Clausthaler Premium is then fermented with perfectly normal beer yeast that has been individually cultured for the brand. As there is little maltose available in the wort, the yeast can only produce a tiny amount of alcohol but it produces plenty of the fullbodied, flavorsome taste that characterizes a good brew.

33 cl  € 6

MAISEL’S WEISSE Weiss – Alc. 0,5 % vol.
Beer characterised by a typical faint and creamy foam, with hazelnut-like color. It mixes full-body characteristics with lightness, to get and easy to drink beer. The turbidity of this weiss in due to the yeast in sunspension. Only 20 calories per 100 ml.

50 cl  € 8

Gluten-free beers

ESTRELLA DAMM DAURA Lager – Alc. 5,4 % vol.
A real lager beer produced by the most prestigious brewery in Spain with barley malt, but without gluten, which has nothing to envy to the classic Estrella of Barcelona. Golden yellow blonde, with a fine and persistent foam, it has an intense aroma of yeasts, bread, broom, Mediterranean and aromatic herbs such as sage and thyme. The taste is sweet, with hints of bread, malt biscuit, grass and honey.

33 cl  € 5