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Coffee Torrefazione Libera®

organic coffee | fire roasted
Directly from Torrefazione Libera, our coffee is one of the very first in Italy to be both organic and directly fire roasted. The master roaster artisan uses rare machines of the second postwar period: a Vittoria from 1957 (gas toaster) and a Bava from 1954 (wood toaster). Thanks to a roasting made in small quantities and weekly delivers, we guarantee the freshness of a “just roasted” coffee. The taste is simple, without extreme flavors, a well balanced combination between Robusta variety, that gives energy and substance, and Arabica, that gives aroma and delicacy. It’s an ideal blend to approach the universe of special coffee.

Origin: ARABICA: 50% Brasil, 20% El Salvador – ROBUSTA: 30% India

Coffee – BIO – Torrefazione Libera®   € 2
Coffee fortified with Grappa or other alcohol
 – BIO – Torrefazione Libera®   € 2
Decaffeinated coffee   € 2
Double Coffee – BIO – Torrefazione Libera®   € 3
Mirto Rosso  € 4
Bitters, National Liquors, Digestives  € 4

National Aperitifs, Campari, Crodino, SanBitter  € 4
Homemade “Cantuccini” biscuits  € 3

Selection of teas, fruit tea blends and herbal tea blends  € 4

• Pai Mu Tan, White Tea
• Special Gunpowder, Green Tea
• Bancha, Green Tea
• Darjeeling, Black Tea
• English Breakfast, Tea Blend
• Earl Grey Imperial, Tea Blend
• Mixed berries, Fruit tea Blend
• Blueberry and cherry, Fruit tea Blend
• Peach and apple, Fruit tea Blend
• After meal, Herbal tea blend
• San Pietro, Herbal tea Blend
• Camomille flowers, Herbal tea Blend.

Distilleria Libera®

Gruppo Ethos has created a new products’ line. They are homemade niche products made only with natural ingredients. The herbs, the roots and the fruit are all selected from nature and mixed by our experts.
Available also to take away!

with lemon zest natural infusion

homemade bitter liquor made with selected herbs

Homemade liqueur with anise taste

distilled with grapes of the Lombardy hills

aged for 18 months in durmast barrels