Our high-pastry desserts

wise balance of tastes laid in a mould, a mix of creams, mousse, fresh fruit and chocolate… everything studied to surprise the eye and the palate with new forms and colourful combinations that give extraordinary satisfactions… even for the hardest palate to please. Every desserts rises from a particular experience and inspiration, without overcoming its natural taste cause I believe in a cuisine moved by nature. If you want a new rule while eating, stop you at the first bite and taste a good dessert! Only a delicious dessert is able to renew the challenge, every time more stimulating, with simplicity and balance.

Italian cheesecake

biscuit base with cream with three cheeses flavored with vanilla, served with wild berry jam

€ 8

Hot “schiacciata” cake

with grapes served with homemade pumpkin and amaretto ice cream and mulled wine reduction

€ 8

German donut of our production

served with hot chocolate and whipped cream and cinnamon powder

€ 8

Chocolate cake

with smooth plain chocolate heart and coconut ice-cream

€ 8


with Mascarpone cheese cream, “Savoiardi” biscuits and coffee – classic recipe

€ 8


iced honey mousse with a puffed milk chocolate quinoa brittle, served with strawberry and ginger sauce

€ 8

Coffee semifreddo

with meringue, fresh banana and cocoa sauce

€ 8

Sicilian pistachio “semifreddo”

with fresh grapes, walnut and honey

€ 8

Homemade ice cream

Our homemade ice creams are made without food coloring, stabilizers, sweeteners and artificial preservatives, and are entirely produced by our Chef.

Chef’s ice cream

marsala ice cream with coffee crumble and hazelnut crunch waffle;
ricotta ice cream with candy fruit salad served with cannolo dough;
zabaglione ice cream with amaretto crumble and cocoa sable cookie

€ 8

Our homemade ice cream

Look for classic and gourmet tasting
4 balls of your choice from:

Fiordilatte, with fresh cream
Crema, with organic vanilla and Marsala fine DOC
Cocco, with organic coconut’s milk and coconut flakes
Fragola, with fresh strawberries and fresh cream
Limone, with fresh lemon juice
Cioccolato, with dark chocolate 72%

Zabaione, with egg yolk and Marsala fine DOC
Gianduia del Piemonte, with hezelnut caramelized by us
Marsala, with Marsala fine DOC
Ricotta, Ricotta, with fresh and creamy cow’s milk ricotta cheese
Kefir, with lactofermentate probiotics – 100% natural
Its taste is similar to yoghurt, but better. Obtained from the fermentation of Kefir granules rich in lactic ferments,kefir it is also called “long life elixir” because of the innumerable beneficial properties.

€ 8

Homemade Ice creams drowned in:

(at your choice)
organic coffee Torrefazione Libera®
Grand Marnier

€ 8

Homemade sorbet

Artisanal herbs liquor sorbet

Artisanal bitter liquor made with selected herbs by Distilleria Libera ® sorbet

€ 6

Kefir probiotic sorbet

Obtained from the fermentation of Kefir granules rich in lactic ferments, it is also called “long life elixir” because of the innumerable beneficial properties.

€ 6