Draft Beers

Birra Libera®

Birra Libera® was born from the experience and the creativity of our master brewer. It is produced inside the walls of Fabbrica Libera, brewpub of Casatenovo. It is a niche product that unites the passion for traditional brew styles with a bit of creativity and enthusiasm for new tastes. it is a unique label, created agaist the standardization of the taste. It is also with organic ingredients, hemp and spelt.

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DAISY DUKE American Pale Ale – Alc. 5 % vol.
With a vivacious smell, characterised by a seductive bright orange colour… it’s hard to stand up to the Daisy Duke! It is characterised also by notes of country flowers and esotic fruit. The pretty high level of bitterness is balanced by the citrus scents, creating a good balance between smell and taste.
Best with: simple and straightforward dishes, like herbs cheeses, soups and grilled vegetables.

Ingredients: water, barley malt, hop and yeast

Small 20 cl  € 4
Medium 40 cl  € 6,50
Liter 100 cl  € 13

JESSY LA ROSSA Red Ale al farro – Alc. 6,5 % vol.
Made following and ancient recipe tha uses spelt malt, our draught red beer is characterised by a soft lather and a dark red colour. The mild taste of the spelt softens the full-body of this beer, making every pairing easy and savoury.
Best with: cockerel, ribs, hamburgers, cold cuts.

Ingredients: water, barley malt, spelt malt, hops and yeast

Small 20 cl  € 4
Medium 40 cl  € 6,50
Liter 100 cl  € 13

BELLA BIONDA Kellerbier – Alc. 4,8 % vol.
Birra Libera’s beautiful blonde beer: golden and opalescent colour, it has a persistent and plentiful creamy foam. The fragrance is dominated by some nice honey scents as well as bread crust and fine herbs flavors. Once in the mouth the taste is sweet and recalls aromas from acacia honey. The trip to the bitter is slow, and higly enjoyable. The carbonation is correct, with a beautiful perlage in the glass.
Best with: fresh cow and goat cheeses, pizzas and focaccia breads, desserts like apple strudel, fruit pies or with shortcrust pastry.

Ingredients: water, barley malt, hop and yeast

Small 20 cl  € 3,50
Medium 40 cl  € 6
Liter 100 cl  € 12

GRAMIGNA Weiss – Alc. 5,5 % vol.
Made with barley malt mixed to wheat, it’s a weiss that stands out because of its fruity flavor and for its light creaminess, with banana and cloves scents. It’s a high fermentation beer, made using Bavarian cereals.
Best with: appetizers, first courses salads, cold cuts, white or pork meat, fresh fruit.

Ingredients: water, barley malt, wheat malt, hop and yeast

Small 20 cl  € 4
Medium 40 cl  € 7
Liter 100 cl  € 13

Every craft beer has its natural time for preparing, it is for this reason that some labels in the list could be in fermentation.
Ask to our staff what is available.