your favorite
beef cut

Choose your favorite beef cut:
250 g* of certified cattle beef.

Tagliata di Angus Tender  € 19
A little known cut of “Black Angus” breed, with a succulent, elegant and well balanced flavour
Suggested with every kind of cooking

Tagliata di Black Angus  € 19
Tender cut from the forequarter, “Chuck beef” breed, to value a little-known and less used beef chop
Recommended cooking: rare / medium

Tagliata di Chianina  € 20
Certified pure “Chianina” IGP, famous Italian cattle breed.
Recommended cooking: rare / medium

Tagliata di Filetto  € 28
Slim entrecôte of “Black Angus” beef. It stands out for its tenderness, marbling and unique taste.
Recommended cooking: rare

combined with
tasty garnishes

A touch of flavour to your dish.

Con rucola e scaglie di Grana Padano  € 4
with rocket salad and shaved Grana Padano cheese

Con funghi trifolati e pancetta affumicata  € 4
with sautèed mushrooms and smoked bacon

Con Gorgonzola DOP rucola e noci  € 4
With Gorgonzola cheese, rocket salad and walnuts

Con uovo al tegamino, olio tartufato e pepe  € 4
With fried egg, truffle oil and pepper

You can choose the cuts of beef with rosemary, with rocket salad or without side dish at the same price