Team Building

Put your team in our hands

At all our locations you can have fun in the company of colleagues and friends with fantastic experiences of food team building. A wide selection of activities in the company of our chefs, master brewer and many other professionals in the food world.

Cook, eat, learn

Your team upside down. A cooking class for groups that turns into a review of corporate roles. Can you play the game? Team confidence starts here.

Cooking with Leo

The genius in the kitchen. On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo Da Vinci we have dusted off some of his recipes. Ever cooked a polenta cake, with prunes and cinnamon?

Give your taste a chance

Cook and sell.You will have to prepare a recipe, give it a name and find a way to sell it abroad. Unleash your imagination. We promise to keep it a secret!

Pizza making

Together with our pizza makers you will learn to choose, recognize and use flour, to knead and to season pizzas with the right mix of ingredients. Finally, shovel in the hand, you will cook the result of your skill in the wood oven.

The wine show

Powered by VINHOOD.

Wine for beginners, in a curious game where the wine will choose its potential drinker.

Libera beer tasting

Are you a beer lover? Want to visit a brewery? Do you want to organize a buffet of special beers? Do you want to do an expert tasting of flavors? Add some excitement to your dinner.

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