Family friendly restaurant

Restaurant for kids

CREATIVE LABS with tricks, decorations and imaginative creations!  Original and exciting activities, always different, led by our entertainers in the kids area, for all the children of our restaurants.

Creative labs

Kids area

During all weekends, your children can have fun in a play area dedicated to them, followed by our entertainers. Original and stimulating activities, always different, guided by the animators in the children’s area.

Kids area opening time

July Opening Time
Sat 19-23

August Opening Time
Kids area closed

September Opening Time
Fri 19-23
Sat 12-15 e 19-23
Sun 12-15

Kids area rules

  1. For children under 3 years of age is kindly requested the presence of at least one parent
  2. It is not allowed to bring food or beverages in the children area
  3. Toys are free to be used but they have to remain in the dedicated area

The restaurants and the entertainers do NOT have any responsibility about activities that are done with minors, who will always be under parental responsibility.