Health and Wellness

Lo chef promotore di salute e benessere

Lo Chef promotore di salute e benessere” is the name of the project that since 2008 Gruppo Ethos has created to make all its customers aware about a correct, healty and sustainable diet. We don’t ask the chefs of our restaurants only to cook well and offer tempting dishes, but also to have the responsibility of suggesting a nutritional philosophy and a lifestyle that improves people’s wellness.


Gruppo Ethos shows its dedication to the sustainability improving continuously the quality of the dishes and offering a wide range of organic products. We have organic flours for our pizzas, bread, extra virgin olive oil and also a selection of wines, beers, fruit and vegetables smoothies and coffees.


To promote a well balanced nutrition, Gruppo Ethos has decided to insert in the menu various “GIFT” dishes. GIFT diet is the nutritional method ideated by the doctors Attilio and Luca Speciani that does not relate to the calories control but instead focuses on an aware attention towards the use of carbohidrates and the quality of the nutrition. The starting point to lose weight consists in a metabolic activation through physical exercise education and a smart distribution of the meals during the day.
Thanks to the collaboration between our kitchen staff and the GIFT diet experts, dishes has been chosen because of the quality of their ingredients, because of the simplicity of the cooking and the garnish and finally thanks to the correct balance of their components. In our restaurant you will find various appetizers, wholewheat flour first courses and a wide range of fish and meat second courses. And to end with sweetness, each restaurant offers a wholewheat and sugar free dessert. Sometimes health and taste go hand in hand.


Nutritional allergies may make the sociality of a growing number of people more complicated. Gruppo Ethos, according to its enterprise responsibility, has decided to enlarge the offer of the menu products to make also people who has to pay extreme attention to their nutrition feel at ease (celiachy menu , kamut® pizzas with no yeast added, mother dough bread, desserts with no dairy products).


Part of the project are also conferences combined to “Gift” dinners that host prestigious relators: doctors, nutritionists and experts of natural food.


Gruppo Ethos promotes the diffusion of a more healty and aware nutrition also through the project “Mangiando (sano!) si impara”, aimed to primary schools. Since 2008 and in partnership with GIFT diet staff, Gruppo Ethos has decided to put at the disposal of the schools for free its background of knowledge of the nutrition sphere so that children may be stimulated to eat fresher and more natural food than the one that is usually shown. The participation is free, you just have to contact the Communication Office of Gruppo Ethos at +39 039 9711064 or writing to