Pets Friendly Restaurant

Pets welcome

How often you’d like to bring your pet when going out for dinner but you were forced to stop facing a sign that did not allow you to take it inside?
If you cannot stay without your dog, “Grani & Braci” is the Pet Friendly restaurant that you were looking for in Milan: we will shake the paw to our customer’s pets and we will offer them a bowl of water together with a welcome snack!

Our restaurant is carachterized by wide spaces and extensive menu, the best mix to make two and four legs customers happy!

In our place you can taste outstanding grilled meat chops, organic flour pizzas, dishes cooked with tasty and genuine ingredients and high pastry desserts…always with your pet!

Dogs menu

Try our meatballs, created with genuine ingredients of the highest quality by our chefs. The same culinary art that we put in the field for our customers… available also to our four-legged friends!

The recipe is studied in collaboration with Dr. Elisa Barcella, nutritionist and agronomist technician.